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Update and monitor changes to business information easily and efficiently with our new solution Bisnode Business Contacts - BBC


Upgrade to BBC

Find information about Bisnode's products and services for processing company data

BBC is a brand new and modern API for searching, downloading, updating and monitoring changes in company information. BBC makes it easier, safer and more resource efficient for you to manage your customer databases. With BBC you can also prospect and find new customers. You will be able to use the BBC API for most European markets and also access more data points that describe your customers. With BBC you can become even more data-driven in your marketing and sales efforts.

Want to know more about BBC? 

Take a look at the BBC product page and Bisnode for DevelopersIf you do not find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact our customer service by phone: 08 558 059 00, or email: kundservice.marknad.se@bisnode.com  

Information about the upgrade

Which services are affected?

For starters, if you buy business information through web services and API from the former PAR, or if you have the One-by-One service with access to Swedish or European data, then  you will be able to get the same or better business benefit with our new BBC solution.

In the longer term, file deliveries with updates and notifications will also be included in this upgrade. Additional information will be published regularly.

How does it affect me buying data through your CRM plugins? 

If you currently buy data through Bisnode's CRM plugins for Lime, SuperOffice, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, you will eventually need to upgrade to new plug-ins. We are currently working on developing new apps, both in-house and with partners, and we will contact you in good time before upgrading.

What does this mean for me as a customer? 

Since BBC is a new API you will need to rewrite your Bisnode integrations . At Bisnode, we are very aware of the fact that IT development takes time and requires long-term planning. Consequently we want to give you both the time and support you need during this change.

Our development portal provides all the technical guidance you need. However,If you need additional help, our API support is ready to assist you further. In addition, we have the sharpest data and analysis specialists at Bisnode who are available to answer your questions.

Can I get file deliveries in the new service? 

BBC is an entirely API-based solution where you  search and update your customer data without managing files. However, we are aware that there is a need for file deliveries and we will prioritize this soon.

When will the old services be shut down?

Each customer will have an individual upgrade schedule defined by the mix of services you buy today. Information about your specific upgrade will be communicated via customer service and your account manager or team at Bisnode.

How is the new service better for me? 

BBC contains more information, including Bisnode's insight variables (such as Indicative rating), Revenue Growth Prediction, Economic Performance and Employment Growth Prediction. In combination with the information you have about your customers, for example, their purchase history, you can become more data-driven, more fully meet your customers' expectations, find new sources of revenue and outperform your competitors.