Product Manager : Risk & Credit

09 jun 2017

In this role, you will together with the Senior Product Manager and a team of Product Managers build Bisnode Group’s future core credit offering, guiding us to realise it, and successfully roll it out across all our markets. As part of this role, you will need to balance the existing and local requirements on our “bread and butter” products – credit reports and credit monitoring – with a strong vision how to develop the value these standard products generate to our customers. You will shoulder parts of essential responsibility within the Bisnode RiskGuardian Suite (Our new Risk & Credit platform) development. You will work target markets to ensure business, sales and operational models are in place, releasing and successfully launching continuously.

Key areas of responsibility: 

  • Product Manager within Bisnode RiskGuardian Suite our Core Credit offering.
  • Drive development of functionality like credit reports, credit monitoring, as well as the fundamental integration of these and other services to fulfil the core credit use cases across all important customer groups.
  • Ensure core products ready in sync with targeted platforms replacements.
  • Owner of specific development efforts, to drive and manage core credit product development.
  • Product Manager in releases and launches, working together with product, sales, marketing and operations in targeted markets.
  • Ensure a common product cross markets, but allow local uniqueness when motivated to secure competitiveness.
  • Provide proactive support to product managers in local markets when launching Bisnode RiskGuardian Suite as well as leading continuous development and maintenance when launched.
  • Lead the process of collecting, evaluating and transferring market needs to development according to roadmap.
  • Involved in setting and realising a strong vision for core credit products. E.g. the vision shall be guiding in development, as well as actively communicate the vision both internally and externally.

Required capabilities

To succeed, you should have an extensive and highly proven track record of the core credit area, as well as of guiding both active development and active maintenance in this area. You will need to have a strong understanding of the fundamental customer use cases and their work processes, but equally a direct experience of our and the industry’s heritage, and be able to see how to credibly evolve the core offering ahead. Being driven, structured and judicious in preserving what’s good but still seek opportunities will be important.

  • Master’s degree in Business, Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • Profound Product Management experience of core credit products, with proven with proven track records in working with customers as well as with both active development and maintenance.
  • +5 to 10 years in similar role.
  • Very strong experience and understanding of the credit market.
  • Proven track record from operating in an international matrix organization. Experience from work with core credit products cross markets will be highly meriting.
  • Advanced oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Planning and organisational skills and strong result focus.

Do you have any questions?

For additional information, please contact Jonas Gavellin (Jonas.gavellin@bisnode.com) and/or Group HR Manager, Hanna Klint (hanna.klint@bisnode.com).

Please send your application and CV no later than August 20th  2017 to pmo.application@bisnode.com.