Information Architect

21 mar 2019

Do you want to be part of driving the exciting transformation of Bisnode by being an active and thoughtful change agent? And focus your energy and skills on realizing the vision of Bisnode?

Be dedicated to realizing the Bisnode strategy

Bisnode is pioneering smart data to enable our customers to make smart decisions. Data is one of the most critical functions for us to lead, grow and enable our business to be successful and relevant to our customers.

Be part of the group data team: drive the realization of a streamlined Bisnode on a common data platform

Bisnode is introducing a new high-tech, semantic-based data architecture and platform to source, master and deliver data across all European markets. The data domains cover deep and extensive information about companies, people, geolocation, vehicles, real estates, etc.

The new data architecture shall support implementation of extensive automated data management processes and privacy/compliance by design. To enable this Bisnode is creating a data knowledge graph based on semantic technologies. The knowledge graph defines both data structures, data vocabularies and meta data in terms of data compliance, data quality and data lineage.

Group Data now seeks an experienced, innovative but equally practically oriented and structured Information Architect. In particular: to design a scalable data and metadata structure that supports our key product use cases, with appropriate data structures (e.g. ontology, schemas), translatable into technological requirements, and which will enable insightful, powerful access to all our deep local data.

On other words: In this role you will be a part of designing the future data architecture and guide its gradual implementation as well as the access to increasing share of all our data. You will work balance the long-term ambition vis-à-vis current capabilities and the timing of investments required to reach the ambition, in order both to secure that we reach the sought state but also can deliver quick wins. In this role you will work with an inspired and motivated international team, focused on data architecture, access as well as analytics needs.

The role as Information Architect will hence require a candidate that is effective in creating our knowledge graph for the future, in unifying access to diverse set of data across different markets and inside- and outside Bisnode.

Key areas of responsibility

Design, validate, deploy and manage the knowledge graph/ontology structure within Group Data, in collaboration with our senior data architect.

  • Guide development to ensure we both deliver the future data architecture as well as the full width and depth of our local data in the best possible way, but do so in a practical, pragmatic step-wise approach which also enables quick wins.
  • At all times, secure tight alignment and collaboration within Group Data as well as cross Group Bisnode line organization
  • Participate in making sure the data architecture meets Group Bisnode's and local markets requirements on data compliance
  • Incorporate mature data governance processes in line with Group Data governance strategy
  • Communicate, educate, selectively involve and integrate input in regards to drivers and requirements for the future data ontology.

Required capabilities

To succeed in the Information Architect role, you will need a proven track record of working with related tasks. You will also need advanced skills in both oral and written communication in English, and a strong result focus combined with planning and structuring skills.

  • Experience from ontology/semantic web/linked data work, preferably from a multi-market, mass-source and/or low-rebuild environment
  • Degree in IT, engineering or equivalent.
  • Profound technical expertise and interest.
  • Planning and structuring skills and strong result focus.
  • Applicant must be open for travel as part of the role.

This position is open in all our 19 Bisnode locations, with a preference for placement in Stockholm, Sweden. We ask that you hold a valid work permit for the relevant country you are applying to.

For additional information, please contact Area Data Director