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10 years of advancement: This is why it’s worthwhile switching to D&B Credit now

29 apr 2019

 e-Portfolio is outdated and will soon have served its time. Its successor, D&B Credit, is the result of 10 years of consistent advancement. Only the best functions have been included, making D&B Credit the best international credit platform.

Do you remember the first time you held an iPhone 1 or iPhone 3 in your hand? Almost archaic remnants from a world that was already high-tech at the time. It was a quantum leap, the road to a new era of communication. It culminated in the latest iPhone, model 10. Since its launch, we have been living in a world of face recognition, speech assistants, 12 megapixel dual cameras and augmented reality.

Not only the world of communication, but also that of business services has developed enormously in recent years. Since Dun & Bradstreet launched e-Portfolio 10 years ago, it has collected and evaluated thousands of customer feedbacks and directly incorporated them into the development of D&B Credit. The result is a credit platform with a stunning look and feel and only the best features.

Why is switching from e-Portfolio to D&B Credit worthwhile? Here are the five most important arguments:

Reason 1: Development

D&B Credit has been developed and, above all, is being advanced using the agile Scrum framework. This ensures the prompt development of new functions and continuous improvements.

Reason 2: Updates

The great advantage of agile advancement: D&B Credit is continuously updated with new features and improvements. You don't have to worry about a thing, the new features are automatically available.

Reason 3: Can be extended by further modules

D&B Credit is suitable for any company, be it a start-up or large corporation. Small companies generally start with a basic version. As the company grows, D&B Credit grows with it thanks to its modular structure.

Reason 4: Look and feel

The user interface of D&B Credit takes usability to a new level. 10 years of experience from e-Portfolio have been incorporated into its development. The result is breath-taking ergonomics, an autocomplete search (link to report "5 tips"), and much more. In other words, only the best features have been included in D&B Credit.

Reason 5: High availability

Due to global load distribution, D&B Credit is a highly available and high-performance platform. This means that the data is always available and that there are no delays when searching for a company and making a request. Simply state-of-the-art!





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