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These 5 features make D&B Credit the best international risk platform

30 apr 2019

Everything important at a glance, no unnecessary disturbances, no time wasting – D&B Credit makes it possible. The developers have come up with some great features that seem inconspicuous at first glance. Nevertheless, they make the credit manager's job so much easier and create an advantage over the competition.

D&B Credit is the name of the most state-of-the-art credit platform the market currently has to offer. It takes the needs of the credit manager very seriously. He/she no longer has the time to laboriously search for the most important information and even less to rummage through endless reports and constantly be disturbed.

As already mentioned, it is the small things, the details that D&B Credit takes particularly seriously and that make the work of the credit manager more efficient. The five most important things are as follows:

Feature 1: Find companies quickly

You are familiar with autocomplete. You use this feature daily when googling. When you enter a search term, Google immediately suggests many more. Usually, what you're looking for is one of them.

D&B Credit also uses autocomplete. When you enter a company name or part thereof in the search box, D&B Credit immediately returns any related search results. The great advantage of this is that you will find a company even if you're unsure of its exact spelling. D&B Credit even allows for typos.

Feature 2: See only what you need

Too much information? It doesn't have to be like that. D&B Credit filters your search results so that you only see what you really need. You want a list that contains no inactive companies, for example. Simply filter out "Out of business". It's that quick and, of course, it works for many other criteria as well.

Feature 3: The most important information at a glance

Congratulations! You have found the desired company. D&B Credit now shows you the most interesting information at a glance, for example demographic data such as company headquarters, number of employees, ownership structure, and much more.

But you will see even more, and this is the quantum leap that D&B Credit makes over its predecessor e-Portfolio. D&B Credit shows you the overall business risk of the company in question. So you can see at a glance how quickly you will get paid by this company and how high the risk of failure is.

 Feature 4: Land of risk – land of opportunity

As a credit manager, you will love the portfolio management function of D&B Credit. You will see at a glance where your risks and opportunities are.

Spending ages searching through customer profiles is a thing of the past. D&B Credit shows you where urgent help is needed and, above all, where opportunities and potential need to be exploited. Is a customer due for a higher credit limit or for upselling or cross-selling? You can rest assured that you won’t miss it.

Feature 5: Please do not disturb

D&B Credit offers the option of dedicated segment-specific monitoring. This may sound terribly complicated, but it’s not. In brief: D&B Credit only disturbs you when there is an important change.

You specify these changes individually for each customer segment. For example, you want to know everything relating to your key accounts. To this end, you will receive information about every change. Long tail accounts are a different matter. Here it is only of real interest to you if a company slips into the high-risk area or the credit rating improves dramatically. D&B Credit informs you about these changes, not about anything else.

So you decide for yourself which information D&B Credit sends you and which it leaves out.

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